Virtual Worlds for Data Analytics

A Unity-based portal designed to permit collaborative exploration of geographically located data sets, in 3-D with natural language query support.

Making data engaging and fun.

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Initially presenting sensor data from Ocean Networks Canada.

Cockpit teaser

All the power of a modern gaming engine, with the insight of machine learning.

Engaging. Fast. Collaborative.

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  • Spoken queries

    Natural Language. Automatic speech recognition.

  • Multi-user collaboration

    Virtual meetings. Shared interactions.

  • Deep learning analytics

    automatic feature extraction. Trained models to extract meaning.

  • Interactive Visualizations

    Rich multi-user interactions. Flexible statistics and display formats.

  • Cross-data set correlations

    Reason over disparate data sets on a single platform.

  • Engaging Virtual Environments

    A modern gaming engine powering interactive explorations.

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